About the Doomstead

Geography Stuff

16 +/- acres

Sangerville, Piscataquis County, Maine  04479

45 05'36.00" N     69 18'12.15 W

Elevation:  480'(ish)

Climate:  Dfb

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 4B

Soil:   PtB (Plaisted gravelly loam, 3 to 8 percent slopes)
          TMB (
Monarda-Telos complex, 0 to 8 percent slopes, stony)


Travel time to:

Dexter                  15 mins
Dover-Foxcroft    20 mins
Newport              35 mins
Greenville             50 mins
Bangor                 60 mins
Portland             120 mins
Boston                215 mins


The buildings are approximately 900'—and not visible—from the road.

Electric and landline are underground and are the responsibility of the power/phone companies.  

Approximately 4-5 acres—of the 16 total—are cleared. 

The house overlooks a lovely 1/3-acre pond which attracts all sorts of wildlife... deer, turkey, waterfowl, turtles, and so on... and the frog-chorus is magical!

"Opening" the garden, and clearing trees around the house
"Opening" the garden, and clearing trees around the house


2 bedrooms, 1 bath, 32x38', on slab. 
Attic for extra storage.

South portion of house is steel I-beam framed, with passive solar design (very large windows). 
North portion (in case you were wondering about the "doom" reference) is bermed, w/ 12" poured walls, steel decking + 10" concrete ceiling, and  2' of soil on top. 

Pioneer Princess stove for heat and cooking in winter months (typically 4 cords needed) with oil furnace for hot water and supplemental baseboard heat.   

Bison pump in the utility room for water back-up (power outages, etc.). 
(The water quality and quantity are excellent, btw.)

Also, w/ 24x24', 2-bay garage.


24x40', w/ 4 bays; concrete slab and 18" poured stem wall.



30x40', insulated concrete slab and 18" poured stem wall.
3 stalls/pens, and room for more.

For more info about the sheep, check out:
The milk, meat, and temperament are excellent!

Electricity + water


22x44', w/ 5+' poured wall, the upper 4' of which is insulated, and 18" is above grade.

Northern half (roof/walls) is insulated to R-40/45ish, and southern half is 3-layer poly-carbonate.

There is a network of 1500' of 4" perforated drainage pipe buried in the gravel floor, to allow warm air to be circulated into what is a huge heat sink/battery.

More than 300 sq.ft. of raised beds filled w/ organic compost, and fitted w/ a drip irrigation system. 

Also, a built-in chicken coop for 10 (maybe more) laying hens... so many wholesome eggs!

Electricity + water.

Open Land

As previously noted, 4-5 acres are cleared, and are used for running chicken tractors for meat birds, and rotationally grazing our East Friesian dairy sheep—2.5-ish acres of which are a “young” orchard, w/ apple, peach, apricot, pear, cherry, plum, crab-apple, Chinese chestnut, and butternut trees, plus grapes and various berry plants, planted on a modified keyline design w/ 10-meter-wide alleys for the sheep. 

There is a good-sized garden (roughly 60x50'), with raised beds, on contour. 

There’s also a well-established asparagus row, as well as rhubarb and strawberries.

Finally, a row of 12 mature sugar maples offers all the sweetness you could ask for, plus shade in summer and sunshine in winter. 

Other Details

This property is designed to be a “food-producing system” which can be managed to provide a high level of security for a couple or small family.  The pieces that are in place here will allow you to collapse years of time (not to mention effort and money!) that you won't have to invest on your own. 

Property taxes (2023):  $2,065

Budgeted electric bill:  $40 per month.

Internet connection:  DSL, 10 mps down, 1 mps up.

Affordable, organic hay available w/in 2 miles, and organic grain available w/in a 30-minute drive.

This property is [preferably] available as a “turn-key” set-up (ie, tractor + implements, sheep + related equipment, utility trailer, mowers, generator, freezers, and so on, with as much or as little instruction/mentoring as you’d prefer), or can be acquired without “the extras”.

Price:  $360,000 (buildings + land).
            Extras are extra, and can be negotiated at a very reasonable price in addition to the property.

Please... serious inquiries only. 

Showings by appointment only to serious buyers who can provide reasonable proof of funding (eg, approval letter, proof of funds statement, 1031 documents, etc).

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